SCA, a leader and responsible group

Okay, one of the brands involved in the program of Save Your Logo

SCA is a global hygiene sector and the forest, which develops and manufactures products for personal hygiene and wiping paper and forest products.

SCA conducts its sales in 100 countries and owns several brands, including the global brands TENA and Tork. In 2011, its sales amounted to 11.7 billion euros. SCA has approximately 37,000 employees.

Every day our products improve the quality of life of millions of people around the world. SCA integrates the principles of sustainable development at the heart of its activities for years and receives for its continuing efforts of numerous awards. It is, among other things, classified among the most responsible companies and more ethical world..

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SCA in France

In France, SCA manufactures and markets feminine protection, exchange baby incontinence products, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, towels, products for cleansing and hygiene solutions and wiping professional.


SCA has a strong position in its markets in France, with products sold under its own brands: TENA, NANA, UP & GO, TORK, LOTUS, OKAY, and under Demak’Up brands.

SCA employs 2750 employees in 8 locations including 6 production.


Preserving biodiversity is a priority objective of SCA

As part of the initiative Save Your Logo, program endowment fund for biodiversity Okay brand since 2011 is committed to the protection of the African elephant, emblem for over 5 years.

SCA Group in brief

  • 37 000 employees worldwide
  • 11.7 billion euros in turnover
  • Sales in 100 countries and production in 40 countries.
  • Strong positions: :
  • World leader in incontinence (TENA)
  • N ° 1 in Europe and No. 3 worldwide of wiping paper consumer and professional
  • and feminine hygiene (Nana / Libresse)