Founded in 1998, the RHINOS Group is a consultancy specializing in animation system: motivation, loyalty and sponsorship.

Located in La Rochelle (headquarters) and Paris, the agency deploys effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of its customers, including major national bank / insurance, automotive, or construction of: Covea group (GMF, MAAF, MMA), Banque Populaire, Groupama, Volkswagen Bank, Audi, Opel, DSC group, Point.P …


  • Motivation: challenges, contests, stimulation, sales promotion, trophies …
  • Loyalty
  • Sponsorship: acquiring new customers
  • Business tourism: individual and group travel
  • Events: conventions, seminars, inaugurations …

The Group bases its reputation on Rhinos:

  • A real commitment to quality
  • A custom bouquet expertise
  • A proven reactivity
  • A shared enthusiasm

The Group is committed RHINOS rhinos
Engage in the conservation of the species showing its logo: an initiative to Rhinos joined the Group, a consultancy in motivation and retention.


To work for the preservation of rhino, a three-year program of translocation and identification of rhinoceros will be deployed between Nepal and India, with organizations on the ground.


Reports, photos and videos will monitor progress. It is also about to go there with Group employees RHINOS to populate the Intranet for all internal employees can be informed. The first intervention in Nepal will begin in 2011.


For more information, please visit the website :



Rochelle consulting agency founded in 1998, the Group offers solutions for RHINOS animation commercial networks:


  • Optimization and development of relationships with distributors, dealers, franchisees, wholesalers, agents …
  • Motivation internal teams: challenges, contests, stimulation
  • Sponsorship Operations
  • Customer Loyalty Programmes