Biodiversity Atlas Communale (ABC)

The approach of the Municipal Biodiversity Atlas, or ABC, was hired by the state in 2010 on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity.
This approach aims to help municipalities France volunteers to know, protect and enhance biodiversity.. For a town, develop its ABC is:

  • awareness of the importance of biodiversity in its territory;
  • improve knowledge of biodiversity by conducting monitoring of natural habitats, fauna and flora that exist within its territory;
  • identify and  prioritize  the issues associated with this biodiversity;
  • involved its habitants in this dynamic;
  • take biodiversity into account in the management of inventoried its territory.

Convinced of the relevance of ABC to develop the knowledge and awareness of biodiversity in France, the FDB provides additional assistance to municipalities to develop their ABC: le fonds de soutien aux ABC. For the municipality, the FDB is positioned at three levels :

  • financial support in organizing a cofinancing to realize part of their ABC with the final phase and Central will identify and prioritize issues of biodiversity on their territory  
  • technical support for the implementation and scientific monitoring of the CBA;
  • pedagogical support for the enhancement of the ABC with elected officials and citizens.
The ‘Support Fund ABC “has thanks” to the patronage of large companies willing to provide assistance to the preservation of biodiversity and aware of the need for more detailed knowledge of the issues at the local level: GRT Gaz, was the first company to embark on the side of the FDB in supporting ABC.