Founded in 1951 in Niort, MAAF Assurances prominently in the field of insurance for individuals and small businesses.

 MAAF is characterized by being a mutual implemented throughout the national territory and is driven by an objective to offer its 4.1 million members the best value for money.

 Alongside MMA and GMF, MAAF helping to build mutual Covéa group that is designated as the No. 1 property and liability insurance providing today one French household of 4.

 The range of products offered is wide: automobile, home, occupational hazards, health insurance, life insurance related services such as assistance are high value.

 MAAF is characterized by being without a mutual intermediary has no obligations to remunerate shareholders and free so long to deploy a posture of corporate and social responsibility.

Since 2005, with the bonus Clean car, MAAF Assurances is the first insurer to its policyholders a financial incentive to ride in a car “clean” by giving a discount of € 100 on their first insurance premium, an advantage that will soon be extended to area of the dwelling house with pure bonus and Pur bonus ECD (Energy performance). 2005 is also the year in which the price Auto and Environment, which recognizes vehicles for their environmental performance.

MAAF is also committed to the conservation of biodiversity by financially supporting the Endowment Fund for biodiversity through the Save Your Logo in March 2009. It is for MAAF contribute to the preservation and protection of dolphins that convey the values of MAAF, being a very active philanthropist, to act for the protection and support, listening and anticipation, reliability, speed and confidence. The dolphin is the symbol of MAAF.

Patronage identified by scientists as engine speed results of studies on the preservation of the species of dolphin