GRTgaz first company to engage in the ABC with the Endowment Fund for Biodiversity

With 32,000 km of underground pipelines, GRTgaz operates the most extensive network of transportation of natural gas in Europe. GRTgaz mission is to deliver natural gas directly to large industrial customers and to the public distribution stations at the entrance to towns. Distributors then take over to ensure delivery to the final customer (individuals, businesses, utilities …).


GRTgaz is present in about 9000 common French-mostly rural-either by the passage of a pipe, the presence of a post delivery or installation of a compressor station./p>

Presence in the territory of GRTgaz also involves great responsibility. The choice of routes to the daily operation of the network, GRTgaz makes every effort to control the impact of its activities on the natural environment and its practices contribute positively to biodiversity conservation.


It does on its industrial works such as new compression stations and interconnection where local species were selected to populate the green spaces while minimizing human intervention.


Action is also conducted on the construction sites, the most important fact in which GRTgaz impact studies very advanced and uses the services of an ecologist. Its role is to ensure compliance with the commitments made by the company vis-à-vis biodiversity. It also has an advisory role vis-à-vis subcontractors to protect animal and plant species that could be affected by the project.


But to protect biodiversity, we must know and this is the challenge of Atlas of Biodiversity Commons that target in a first step, municipalities with fewer than 20,000 residents that have not always ways to deal with this kind of expenditure.


GRTgaz finds himself fully in this ambition he himself has initiated on its own network by launching a study on the easement strips in the Ile de France region. Located above the buried pipelines, these bands of virgin land from 10 to 20 meters wide, allow the maintenance of the network. The study, conducted by the National Museum of Natural History has shown the interest of the easement strips in the forest zone. Surveys conducted over 500 kilometers in Ile-de-France have recorded over 600 plant species on the 1500 account that the region 120 of heritage interest, 6 and 3 exceptional protected.


This is both aware of its responsibilities as a manager of infrastructure and convinced that there are ways to take concrete action that GRTgaz is proud to be involved with the Endowment Fund for Biodiversity.