What Biodiversity means ?

The word BIODIVERSITY may seem wise. But it answers a very simple definition for all, every day : BIO, that’s life, BIODIVERSITY, is the diversity of the living world, and also the interactions between the different bodies of the living world … That biodiversity is all animals , plants, micro-organisms, ecosystems and their interactions.

According to you :

 Does the human been belong to the biodiversity ?

Yes, it is a species among the other.

 The domestics races belong to the biodiversity ?

All wildlife is naturally the heart of biodiversity. However, breeds such as dairy or plant varieties such as cereal crops, gradually selected by humans are also part of biodiversity. They are a heritage now integrated into the planetary balance.

 Rocks belong to the biodiversity ?

The geological features such as different types of rocks are not part of biodiversity because they are the realm of the living. However, the interactions of living organisms with the geology part! For example, some tree species are adapted to a type of bedrock. The link to read the kind of rock is an element of biodiversity.


Biodiversity is everywhere. We need it for :

  • Balance of our environment. All forms of life are related and interact with each other to form a giant planetary balance. When one species disappears this balance is disrupted. Biodiversity also plays a fundamental role in regulating the climate, soil stability, disease, water purification…
  • Diet. Agriculture, hunting, farming, fishing are all activities directly related to the operation of domestic and wild organisms.
  • Human activity. Raw materials such as wood, cotton, leather and rubber are all from biodiversity and allow to clothe ourselves, build our houses … Biodiversity can also be a source of energy such as biofuels!
  • Our health. Most of our drugs are of plant origin. Thousands of species still unknown form a reservoir of medicinal substances to cure new diseases !
  • Our imagination. Biodiversity is a source of inspiration for many artists, it feeds our imagination, our longing for nature, it is the foundation of our roots. Biodiversity is a priceless heritage deeply rooted in our culture.

Biodiversity is vital for human beings. Its preservation is paramount.

Biodiversity and economic activity :

 it is impossible to accurately assess the economic value of biodiversity as almost all human activities depend on it and balance, however studies suggest that 40% of the global economy based on ecological processes and products and thus biodiversity. The value of ecosystems (association of living beings and their environment) is estimated at more than 33,000 billion dollars ! (Source: Robert Costanza, Guind Institute for Ecological Economics)