ONU say that we are in the sixth species extinction. The more important since the story world.

Today, biodiversity is in great danger. According to the UN, we have entered “the sixth great extinction crisis cash” probably the most important in our history with a rate of extinction of 1 000 to 10 000 times higher than the average observed in any the evolution of the Earth.


An estimated 10 million the number of species (excluding bacteria and virus) exist, with only 1.4 million identified. At the current rate of extinction, it is recognized that many species disappear before they are discovered. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 23% of mammals, 12% birds, 42% of turtles and 32% of amphibians are threatened with extinction!/em>


Unquestionably, the most responsible for this situation is Homo sapiens! The four main causes of biodiversity loss are :

  • destruction, degradation and fragmentation of ecosystems. The development of agriculture, deforestation, mining, urbanization, pollution, have the effect of altering and fragmenting the habitat of plant and animal species.
  • overexploitation of species. Industrial fishing, overexploitation of wood or illegal trade of endangered species are examples of human activity, when not permanently have reasoned result resource depletion and species extinction.
  • the spread of invasive species. . Globalization leads to increased trade globally. It also facilitates the movement of species between continents. However, an alien species introduced into a new ecosystem can have dramatic consequences. For example, Japanese knotweed grows on the banks of our streams at the expense of local plant species. 
  • climate change. Using fossil energy sources, the man responsible for the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, themselves responsible for the warming. In response to the temperature change, species are moving, others multiply and others disappear. Fragmentation of ecosystems often precludes the movement of species and accelerates their demise.

Approximately 3.5 billion years of evolution have been necessary for the creation of life in its current form. The man, who did not appear that there are about 200 000 years, has created a global crisis of biodiversity in a few decades!

However, man is part of biodiversity. It is therefore supporting all actions that help maintain the balance that his threat.


Economic Note:

 In May 2008, the Indian economist Pavan Sukhdev concluded that the cost of biodiversity loss between 1350 and 3100 already billion per year.