The man is the cause of the risk of extinction of species, but it also has the opportunity and the means to reverse the trend! The stakes are high, it is our future and the site is huge.


Awareness is already in progress at the individual level, at the level of companies, national and international levels. The local and global action must, however, radically intensify around two interrelated :


  • Conservation : To preserve the natural environment, the functioning of ecosystems and their associated species, the establishment of networks of protected natural areas is necessary to safeguard biodiversity. These areas may be areas where human activities are excluded, or more multifunctional areas where space is sustainably managed to combine biodiversity conservation and human presence. In fact, in most cases, it is only involving local communities and biodiversity can be preserved over the long term. Conservation actions can act directly on the endangered species, especially when there is an emergency and that his disappearance falls in the short term.
  • Sustainable development : To ensure the preservation of biodiversity, human activities must be developed in a sustainable manner. The way we use resources must be reviewed to ensure their sustainability. States as businesses and citizens each have a role to play. By intelligently selecting their raw materials, the processing system, the method of distribution, impacts on biodiversity can be reduced. Each one must be an actor, including revisiting his mode of consumption, lifestyle.

The FDB is committed to its scale in this dynamic global support through donations it receives from businesses and individuals, species conservation actions, and developing a public awareness program.


Economic Note :  

Depending on the Indian economist Pavan Sukhdev, every billion invested in favor of plant and animal diversity allows a long-term “return on investment” at least 100 times higher.