August 2013: Beggining of bargaining for the acquisition of forests in Romania

Vita Sylvae Conservation has initiated the first discussions with the City of Botiza to acquire a forest of 50 hectares. Financial compensation in exchange of a long-term land lease (20 years), will get the immediate management right of these sites with the prospect to classify them as “area of local interest” (Romanian legal terminology), a status that will ensure their long-term protection and the sustainability of the project.

At the same time, another forest belonging to the city of Rozavlea, distant about ten kilometers from Botiza has been inventoried. The pictures are shown on a dedicated Botiza of the Association website.

Inaccessible, thus guaranteeing a great natural peace, in addition to being safe havens for large animals, whether large cervids such as deer, bears and lynx, there is a large amount of dead wood favorable for a high biodiversity in birds as for wood-boring insects. The team also discovered a relic of the Ice Age, the Ceruchus chrysomelinus, a beetle which is a key marker of biological continuity from the last glaciation.

These developments are encouraging but time is running…: every day the old Romanian forest area decreases.

Dead wood in the forest of Botiza © Vita Sylvae Conservation