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To learn more about the ABC, , visit the ABC section on the website of the Ministry of Enironment :.

  • A document outlining the objectives, content elements and the main steps of the ABC (available from spring 2013) and technical guides to achieve the naturalist inventories (developed by the scientific partners of the Ministry of Environment).
  • tools to raise awareness and mobilize the general public and different actors on biodiversity issues (“Guide of biodiversity to Mayors”, “Teaching & educating on biodiversity “, etc.).
To consult these documents on sensitization and mobilization, , visit the dedicated section on the website of the Ministry of Environment
To receive a presentation of the supporting fund for ABC, download the brochure :

To benefit from the supporting fund for ABC, , download the call for applications and the application form to be completed :




We remind you that only the municipalities identified as ABC townships by the Ministry of Environement, are invited to apply for this first call for applications, and that financial support will be given priority to municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants.

To respond to future calls for applications to the supporting fund for ABC, municipalities are invited to candidate initially with the region (DREAL)