Most of the FDB

 The FDB aims to offer original ways for donors to better associate them with actions.

 Programs that speak directly to donors

 A strong identification with the company : Logo Save your program to preserve the plant and animal species representative of the company logo.

 A link to the roots of each: Atlas of Biodiversity communal, or how to better understand and preserve the biodiversity of its territory

 And many other custom all proposals and responding to close the company’s expectations.

 Actions designed to enable personal involvement of the donor

Make a donation, become a sponsor is a selfless approach. And this is a personal approach: a contribution to better invest in the general interest.

It is also a process of conviction to be useful, share an emotion, restore balance …

Depending on the gift, the FDB has the potential donor to each company as an individual, to become personally involved in the action continued, from its conception to its implementation and monitoring. To this end, the FDB wants to listen to better inform better advice when choosing and building the program selected. The FDB also wants to listen to contribute to the donor, to explain, to communicate and share its values.

FDB gives each the opportunity to be the actor of his own project.

 Actions tailored to donors

The FDB collecting donations to finance actions for biodiversity. So it works like other organizations of general interest. The FDB accept gratefully any contribution whatever the amount.

 FDB but goes further.

 Upon payment, the donor still has the opportunity to join one of the programs supported by the FDB. And as soon as the amount of the gift allows the FDB designs custom actions, depending on the intentions and ambitions of the donor. This support includes a regular restitution of advances in sustained and constant sharing of results.

Communication that provides a space for expression donors

FDB’s strategy is to partner with various media to publicize its activities, to help discover the challenges of preserving biodiversity.

This orientation thus provides donors and sponsors the opportunity to speak directly to the public, and thus enhance their commitment to the cause of biodiversity.

 Conviction and motivation required to register in time. Putting at the service of donors scientific expertise and experience in communication, FDB wants to create, with each donor a real bond based on common values.

The actions for the conservation of biodiversity participate in better living : local economies can grow, parents and children enrich their awareness, a different daily can install a realistic positive its environment can be realized.

To each its writing page, the FDB is there to support and accompany.

“For no one miss our future”