The FDB team :

The daily FDB is run by committed staff whose profile is diverse. Their professionalism and expertise accompany the action of FDB to: identify the best programs, monitor and measure their impact on biodiversity, be in constant contact with operators, communicate and know on all topics related to biodiversity, analyze and value results. 


The Endowment Fund is organized into three divisions :

  • Administration : administrative and financial management, and management of agreements and contracts
  • Communication and know-how : development of educational activities
  • Storage : identification and monitoring of field projects, relations with international organizations, scientific reporting of program evaluation.

 Board :

  • Président : Bernard Limal
  • Treasurer : Ingrid Kemoun
  • Secretary-General : Laurent Monnet
  • Administrator : Isabelle Gougenheim

 A daily team

  • Scientific Advisor : Antoine CADI
  • Responsible for scientific mission : Valentin PACAUT
  • Communication  et Faire Savoir : Olivier CHIABODO
  • Development and mecenat : Emmanuelle BRAME