An original approach to mobilize private funds for biodiversity.

The Endowment Fund for Biodiversity (FDB) is a French institution founded in 2009 with two objectives:

  • contribute to the protection of biodiversity in all its forms,
  • awareness and promote environmental education as a whole..

The FDB is intended for businesses and the general public to raise funds to develop actions for the preservation of animal and plant species, and actions to inform and education. Donations received shall benefit from the tax deduction for patronage inFrance.
The management of the FDB is based on the rigor and the transparence application. The annual account are certified by a statutory auditor. They are published each year. As all the dotation found, the FDB need to be controled by the official public autority.
Based on the amount collected, the FDB decides to support relevant actors in the field and recognized, and enable them to carry out concrete actions in favor of biodiversity. The choice of operators is made on the recommendation of a scientific advisor.

According to the company investment and the contribution value, the FDB propose the best and adapted program for the sponsor :

  • Support for actions already taken by the FDB
  • Commitment in favor of the protection of animal or plant species in danger
  • Preservation of species representative of the company logo via the program « Save your logo »

FDB philosophy is to involve donors in an individualized approach to give meaning to their commitment

FDB’s mission is to inform the many issues of biodiversity, the living world in all its forms. 

Bio, that’s life. Biodiversity is the diversity of life, including humans part.

Each step is useful to raise awareness of the need to preserve the balance of nature. The FDB seeks to develop this awareness in 4 forms of communication most diverse newspaper articles, website support cultural events, educational games and competitions …

FDB’s claw: the originality of these programs

 The FDB has led the program first « Save your logo » which is aimed at companies whose logo is a plant or animal species. These programs conducted in France and abroad.

A second program focuses on the preservation of biodiversity nearby. This is the Atlas of Biodiversity in the Commons (ABC), led by the Minister of Ecology. It is an ideal way to learn about the biodiversity of areas in France.

Through its actions, the FDB has a tailored response to the expectations and demands of donors.
With results that can be measured thanks to the ski information and analysis. The possibility to follow the scientific field. The FDB wants to be the partner of its donors who engages in the service of general interest.