The support fund for ABC

In addition to the resources provided by the State in the production and transmission of the PBC, as well as support in the intervention teams mobilization, FDB follows the township in identifying the biodiversity issues on its territory. Thus, thanks to the involvement of sponsors and donors, the FDB wishes to contribute to pedagogical, technical and financial support for the township.


What is the proposal of the FDB ?

Convinced of the relevance of ABC to develop the knowledge and awareness of biodiversity in France, the FDB provides additional assistance to municipalities to develop their ABC: the supporting fund for ABC. The FDB is positioned at three levels toward the municipality:

  • technical support for the implementation and scientific monitoring of the ABC
  • pedagogical support for the enhancement of the ABC with elected officials and citizens
  • financial support by implementing a co-funding to set-up part of their ABC, with the final objective of identifying and prioritizing issues of biodiversity on their territory. 
Through this fund to support ABC, the FDB wishes to build momentum on a larger scale with municipalities to develop their ABC. 

How is provided the supporting fund for ABC ?

The supporting fund for ABC is provided by donations from large companies willing to provide assistance to the preservation of biodiversity and improve knowledge of the issue on local scale. 

This approach of FDB is supported by the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy and by the Association of French eco mayors.


Who can benefit from the supporting fund for ABC ?


  • Municipalities must complete a prerequisite: being on the list ABC townships after having been selected by the French Ministry of Environment from the first two calls for applications launched since 2010. An initial list has been established in 2012. This list will be expanded in 2013 with a new selection of volunteer municipalities.


  • If this condition is completed, municipalities can answer to the first call for applications for the supporting fund for ABC. Please note, funding priority will be given to municipalities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. However, the FDB also consider a partnership (non-financial) with the municipalities of over 20,000 habitants.


How to apply the supporting fund for ABC ?

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