Dynamics of the Municipal Biodiversity Atlas

French territories, metropolitan and overseas host a rich biodiversity. Despite the significant involvement of the regions, departments, municipalities and all environmental stakeholders on the subject of biodiversity French territories still too little known.
With this in mind, the government has committed in 2010, on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity, to the approach Municipal Biodiversity Atlas (ABC = “Atlas de la Biodiversité Communale”).


What does ABC mean for a township ?

The ABC device aims to help volunteer townships to know, protect and enhance their biodiversity. In other words, for a township,to develop its ABC means :

  • Becoming aware of the importance of biodiversity in its territory
  • improving knowledge of biodiversity by conducting inventories of natural habitats, fauna and flora on its territory
  • identifying main issues associated with this biodiversity
  • involve people and socio-economic stakeholders in this dynamics
  • take biodiversity into account in the management of its territory


Who can participate on the ABC ?

French townships are all encouraged to enroll in the dynamics based on appropriate tools posted on the website of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.
Find more information on the French Ministry of Environment: www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr


Townships can volunteer with their Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL) to benefit from their Profile of Municipal Biodiversity (PBC= “Portrait de la biodiversité commuale”) presenting current knowledge available on their biodiversity issues.